Holiday Greeting

Dear Spectrum Friends and Family,

At the start of a new year, I would like to take a moment to provide you with an update on some of our planned activities over the coming year.

Significant and strategic growth is on the horizon for certain programs and services. We are moving forward with four new outpatient treatment centers in Massachusetts. A center in Saugus will open in January followed by North Adams, Leominster and Sutton later in the year. We will open a new Peer Recovery Support Center in Lawrence, Massachusetts in January. This brings our total number of peer recovery centers to three. Construction on the new Residential Program facility is moving forward. We are still targeting a mid-summer grand opening.

A major focus of the coming year will be building our infrastructure to support the growing need for fully integrated care. This includes the rollout of our electronic health records system, new customer service training, and the addition of new key support staff. Working together, we can ensure that as our organization grows, it remains a high-quality treatment option for individuals in need.

I would like to take a moment to recognize the tremendous work of countless staff on behalf of the people we serve. Our progress as an organization is a reflection of your thoughtful attention to client care and willingness to go the extra mile.

I look forward to continuing our good work together into the new year and beyond.

Best wishes to you in 2015,


Chuck Faris
President & CEO

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Statewide Training in Tennessee

From June 24th to 25th, 2014, Substance Use Program Directors, Clinical Supervisors, and other staff from across the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) met at the Central Office for a two-day training organized by Michelle Hergert. Staff representing Spectrum, TDOC, CCA, and Corizon were represented, truly demonstrating TDOC’s mantra of One Team. Training topics included:

  • Ethics and Boundaries by Ryan McMahon (Spectrum Tennessee State Director)
  • Victim Impact by Shenette Cheatham (TDOC Director of Victim Impact)
  • Clinical Supervision by Bob Garrett (Corizon Mental Health Administrator)
  • Trauma Informed/Gender Specific Care by Sue Moitozo (Spectrum VP of Clinical Operations)

Additionally, participants had the opportunity to speak with Commissioner Schofield, Assistant Commissioner Gupton, Dr. Marina Cadreche (Clinical Services), Dr. Mark Simpson (Behavioral Health), and Dr. Kenneth Williams (Medical) of TDOC. The training culminated with TDOC’s Chief of Staff Chuck Taylor presenting those in attendance with the Commissioner’s Coin of Excellence, one of the highest honors given out by TDOC. Staff received this award due to their steadfast commitment to their clients, the goals of TDOC, and the State of Tennessee.

staff training tn

Front: Ryan McMahon, Kenneth Jones, Michele Bowdoin, Sonya Foster, Kristina Kerr, Tim Hill, Pennie Futrell
Back: Mark Simpson, Dr. David Crager, Chuck Taylor, Pat Budnick, Victoria Norman, Michelle Hergert, Dr. Marina Cadreche, Dr. Kenneth Williams

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Recovery Support Navigation

A new Recovery Support Navigation (RSN) program is receiving early accolades as an evidence-based program filling an unmet need in Massachusetts. This program is designed to improve the delivery of substance abuse services to opioid-addicted individuals being released from the state prison system. These individuals are at an extremely high risk for resuming both their criminal behavior and drug activity upon returning to their home communities. Yet, they do not have direct or timely access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT), widely considered the gold standard for the treatment of opioid addiction.

The RSN program provides pre- and post-release case management services to engage, educate and support individuals seeking treatment and their families in order to motivate and maintain them in culturally relevant behavioral health services in the community. A team of 10 full-time RSNs has been assembled to schedule intakes and coordinate medical appointments; arrange transportation to and from medical appointments; educate family members on MAT and other recovery strategies; and, facilitate communication between clients and behavioral health providers.

In a sign of the times, funding for this project comes from a highly competitive grant from the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office as well as special legislative funding through the Massachusetts Departments of Correction (DOC) and Public Health (DPH) as part of the Governor’s Opioid Task Force. The program includes key partnerships with Boston University and Brandeis University.

“Thank you to the Massachusetts DOC, DPH and Attorney General’s Office for their initiative, collaborative approach and dedication of significant state resources to lead this project in order to ensure its success,” stated Susan Moitozo, Spectrum’s VP of Clinical Operations, who oversees the RSN program. “The level of coordination and communication needed for a project of this magnitude is significant. We have moved quickly and efficiently to identify an implementation team, delineate service areas, develop referral processes, streamline data collection and ensure continual process improvement. We are now well-equipped to increase access to and retention in MAT services statewide.”

Opioid abuse has been identified as an epidemic in Massachusetts stemming from a dramatic increase in prescription drug misuse. In 2012, the Massachusetts DPH identified increasing access to MAT as one of six planned strategies to reduce and prevent opioid overdoses in the Commonwealth. According to data from the Massachusetts DPH, the number of deaths due to opioid overdoses has increased by 90 percent from 2000 to 2013.

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Terminology Changes

Spectrum is in the process of changing some of the language it uses throughout its treatment environments to help address the negative connotation and stigma associated with certain terms. The need for a terminology shift was identified by Spectrum’s Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) committee and is intended as an ongoing effort to remain recovery-oriented and client-centered.

The following terminology changes are currently underway. Changes are being made in client handbooks, clinical plans, policies, curricula, etc. with more to follow in 2015.

  • Dirty Urine/Swab--Positive Screen
  • Clean Urine/Swab--Negative Screen
  • Methadone Clinic—Treatment Centers
  • Termination--Discharge
  • Jammed--Impaired
  • Nodding--Impaired
  • Failed/Failure--Con-compliant
  • Doctor Shopping--Has seen multiple providers
  • Clean or Sober--In recovery
  • Dosing—Dispensing
  • Addict--Person in recovery
  • Frequent flyer--Prior client
  • Shipped out--Transferred
  • Lugged--Returned to Higher Security

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Mainers to the Rescue

Spectrum’s Assessment and Reentry staff in Maine were recently recognized by the Warden at the Maine Correctional Center (MCC) in Windham for their assistance in completing mandatory Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) assessments. Spectrum staff were instrumental in completing assessments on more than 650 offenders at MCC under an extremely tight time constraint. The Warden appreciated all staff going beyond the normal scope of duties to assist the DOC in their time of great need.

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On October 30th, Appling Integrated Treatment Facility held a Chili Cook-off. Program Director Dr. Janie Oliver, Superintendent Jeffery Pearce and Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) Counselor Kendra Youmans judged the successful event. Winner of the Specialty Chili was Spectrum Counselor Margart Qualls. Winner of the Best Chili was GDC Administrative Assistant Jeni Reynolds.

chili cookoff ga chili cookoff ga1

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Golf Tournament

A special thanks to all employees who volunteered at Spectrum’s 2014 Spectrum Charity Golf Classic on Monday, October 6th at the Framingham Country Club. It was a great day! We appreciate that you managed your time and workload so that you could help staff this event. If you missed out this year, there’s always next year!

golf dsc01940 golf dsc01975 golf dsc02007

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Addiction Counselor Education Program

New data from Spectrum’s Human Resources Department shows more than half of employees who participated in Spectrum’s Addiction Counselor Education (ACE) program were promoted to other positions within the agency. Of the 26 employees who participated in the ACE program to date, 15 have advanced with Spectrum.

The program offers full-time unlicensed clinical employees in Massachusetts a convenient and affordable opportunity to become credentialed clinical staff. Spectrum has worked closely with two universities to provide six nine-week courses onsite at Spectrum for three hours per week, plus oversee a 272-hour practicum. Graduates are eligible to apply to the Massachusetts Board of Substance Abuse Counselor Certification to take the State Exam and become a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) and/or Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (CADAC).

Spectrum launched the ACE program in 2009 with a one-time $50,000 grant from the Massachusetts Division of Career Services Workforce Training Fund. The program is currently funded entirely through Spectrum as part of its ongoing commitment to professional development.

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Save The Date

Spectrum will host its next women's services conference on Friday, April 10, 2015. Celebrating Women in Recovery: A Vision for Success will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Westborough, Massachusetts, and is open to all interested professionals, community members, consumers, and their families. Talk with your supervisor now if you are interested in attending!

There are just a couple slots available for workshop presentations so if you’re interested, act now! Contact Sue Moitozo, VP of Clinical Operations for more information. Suggested topics include:

  • Overcoming stigma
  • Building recovery capital
  • (Re)building an identity
  • Growing healthy relationships
  • Young women in recovery
  • Recovery across the ages
  • Thriving in the GLBTQI recovery community
  • Issues of faith and spirituality
  • Narratives of the wisdom of women

Speakers will focus on a wide variety of topics that are relevant to women's behavioral health and are educational, engaging and inspiring. The conference will include keynote presentations by broadcaster, media strategist and consumer Laurie Dhue and family psychiatrist Judith Landau, developer of the ARISE intervention.

Conference registration will open in early 2015. An early registration discount and CEUs will be available.

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I Spy

Tennessee State Director Ryan McMahon was recently spotted showing media mogul Diane Sawyer around the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville. Want proof? Here you go!

ryan 2      

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In Case You Missed It

Spectrum’s VP of Human Resources Stacy Flanagan was recently recognized by the Association for Behavioral Healthcare for Excellence in Administration and Finance. She received one of ABH’s prestigious provider recognition awards as part of its annual Salute to Excellence event held October 24th in Waltham, Massachusetts. ABH is the leading behavioral health advocacy organization in Massachusetts.

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Years of Service

Spectrum recently announced its 2014 Years of Service pin recipients. Pins are given out annually to staff reaching milestone employment anniversaries. This year we learned that 30% of Spectrum employees have been with the company for 5 years or more. This is no small feat in an industry with traditionally high staff turnover. Congratulations to the following Years of Service pin recipients and to all employees building a Spectrum career:

  • For 5 Years of Service – Cris Blakslee, Rachael Boland, Ashley Brown, Amber Brown, Eryn Burdett, Lisa Camp, Ellen Ciampa, Maria Contes-Vazquez, Erica Cotton, John Danavall, Tashika Daniels, Socrates Dominguez, Nicole Etcheverry, Johnette Fabra, Francis Flanagan, Richard Gilbert, Kittie Graham-Dunn, Johnnie Hampton, Erin Holden, Debra Howard, Kenneth Jones, Veronica Jones, Latoya Jones, Erika Joyce, Rhoda Kimble, Mary King, Sherri King-Laster, Julie Loomer, Barbara Lopez-Swenson, James Meola, Peg Milani, Lorenzo Miller, Dane Mincey, Kirsten Norby, Janie Oliver, Joseph Paladino, Linda Pandino, Billy Parks, Ani Rengifo-Looney, Carline Roads, Marisol Robles, Robert Russell, Stacy Sanders,  Ebenezer Sartiah, Cynthia Siebenhaar, Karen Skinner, George Sneed, Elizabeth Stern, Kathryn Stevens, Katrina Stoliker, Gabriella Taylor, Tara Towler, Cheryl Trawick, Candy Trawick, Matthew Venus, Galataya Whaley and Laura Ybarra.
  • For 10 Years of Service – Jorge Batista, Ruth Betz, Earline Boone, Mary Daniels, Morgan Dowden, Lawrence Ferguson, Renato Fernandes, Paul French, Yvonne Gaillard, Roosevelt Gatewood, Georginna Haskins, Michael Johns, Sante Melaku, Debra Perry, Socorro Salcedo, Charles Swain, Catherine Walsh, James Walsh and Derek Wharton.
  • For 15 Years of Service – Lisa Blanchard, Patricia Greene Day, Joanna Morillo, Elizabeth Solomon, Barbara Tingley, John Vancelette and Joanne Venus.
  • For 20 Years of Service – Bob Boutwell, Susan Noble and Wendell Price.

A special recognition also goes to Josephine “Jean” Romano who passed away earlier this year. Jean was celebrating 35 years of service with Spectrum this year. She had a tremendous impact in each position she held with Spectrum over the years and is missed daily by those who knew her. A moment of silence was requested in her honor.

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Shout Outs

Chief Operating Officer Kurt Isaacson announced Dr. Jeff Baxter has been promoted to the position of Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Baxter has served as Spectrum’s Outpatient Medical Director for the past five years. In his new role, Dr. Baxter is responsible for providing oversight, direction and implementation of medical operations for inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.


Chris Petrozzi, Senior VP of Correctional Services, recently welcomed Bret Youngblood as the Director of Correctional Operations. Bret is responsible for monitoring Spectrum’s correctional assessment and treatment services across the country to ensure fidelity to our clinical design, contract terms and conditions.


In Washington, Regional Director Melissa Hurt recognizes Kristine Jubinville, Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee (CDPT), who received a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Washington University and Kenneth Sabourne, CDPT, at Spokane Community Justice Center who achieved his goal of running in a marathon. Well done Kristine and Kenneth!


We recognize a number of staff across Washington who recently joined the Spectrum team: Jerome Walters, Program Manager, and Jennifer Brazer, Chemical Dependency Professional Trainee (CDPT) at the Seattle Community Justice Center; Tana Siler, CDPT, and Johnny Lewis, Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP), at the Tacoma Community Justice Center; Kenneth Sabourne, CDPT, and Brenna Taylor, CDPT, at the Spokane Community Justice Center; Gale Ann Burge, CDPT, Judy Patton, CDP, Sariah Wilburn, CDPT, and Kimberly Mantia, Administrative Technician, at Mission Creek Correction Center; Shawna Sunday, CDPT, at Ratcliff Work Release; Ronald Anderson, Co-occurring Disorders CDP, at the Monroe Correctional Complex; Steven Schrock, CDP, at the Bishop Lewis Work Release; Carmen Zamora, CDP, at the Coyote Ridge Correction Center; Joseph Meyering Sr., CDP, at the Monroe Correctional Complex; Stephanie Semrau, CDPT, at Airway Heights Correction Center; Kristine McClure, Assessment CDP, at Yakima Community Justice Center; Hailun Achtelstetter, CDP, at the Everett Community Justice Center; Shannon Hamlin, CDPT, at the Washington State Penitentiary; Jacqueline Boyd, CDP, at the Eleanor Chase House Work Release; James Cozadd, CDP, at the Larch Correction Center; Brady Roy, Assessment CDP, at Madison Inn Work Release; Jason Lewis, CDP, at the Progress House Work Release; Ryelee Plager, Assessment CDP, at the Coyote Ridge Correction Center; Tyjana Campbell, CDPT, at Olympia Work Release; Ronnie Johnson, CDP, at the Brownstone Work Release; Lois Smith, CDP, at the Renton Field Office; Linda Allen, CDP, at the Moses Lake Field Office; Rene Sperry, Assessment CDP, at the Marysville Field Office; Gary McCarte, Assessment CDP, at the Lacey Campus; Jaune Cooley-Granlund, Assessment CDP, at the Vancouver East Field Office; and, last but certainly not least, Timmond McManus, CDP, at the Lynwood Field Office.


Special congratulations go out to Lloyd Shattuck, Kelly Buechel, Cyndee Hester and Lanetta Riley who recently passed their CDP exam and were promoted to Chemical Dependency Professionals. Special shout outs also go to Alicia Hale who was promoted to Eastern Clinical Supervisor, John Jakoski who was promoted to Program Manager at Monroe Correctional Complex and Erin Raymond who was promoted to Therapeutic Community Technician at Mission Creek. BIG congratulations to you!


We would also like to recognize a special group of employees who received Employee Referral Bonuses as a result of referring new employee candidates to Spectrum: Heather Rupert, Rosa Elvia, Susan Cavanaugh, Ashley Updike, Tammy Vessey and William Aikman. We appreciate you efforts!


In Maine, CRA Counselor Matt Steinback has received his Certified Clinical Supervisor license. Congratulations Matt! Spectrum staff in Maine has again been recognized for a full year of maintaining a safe workplace. Congrats to all for their safety conscious work ethic!


In Iowa, State Director Monique Clark welcomed Jennifer Floden to a new position at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women. Jennifer has been busy completing assessments on more 80 women per month. Welcome and great work Jennifer!  We also welcome Sharaine Conner to Spectrum. Sharaine started with Spectrum in August. Welcome!


In Massachusetts, Everyday Miracles Program Director Athena Haddon congratulates Billy Parks on his promotion to Supervisor in Spectrum’s Correctional Division. Billy has worked at the peer recovery support center in Worcester for five years and recently became a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADC). Way to go Billy!


Kristin Nolan, Executive Director of Outpatient Services, recently welcomed Lynn Leblanc-Marrone to her new role as the Director of Outpatient Clinical Services. Lynn has led clinical services at the busy Lincoln Street Outpatient Clinic since 2001 and will now share her extensive experience and wealth of knowledge throughout the growing Outpatient Division.


Lisa Blanchard congratulates Lori Canane on her promotion to Recovery Support Navigator Supervisor. Lori has been with Spectrum for over six years and has experience in both the Correctional and Outpatient Divisions of Spectrum.


Outpatient Program Director Tracy Desruisseaux recognizes Shanna Large who recently became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Deborah Tevlin who became a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). Also, Mary Mulero was promoted from Front Desk Coordinator to Case Manager and Thomas Gould was promoted to Clinical Supervisor at Southbridge. Congratulations!


A special Shout Out also goes to staff at the Lincoln Street and Framingham Outpatient Treatment Centers from Kristin Nolan, Executive Director of Outpatient Services here at Spectrum. Both clinics recently reached an all-time high client census. Wow! Thank you for all you do!

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