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Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. was awarded contracts by the Massachusetts Department of Health to operate two Regional Peer-to-Peer Recovery Support Centers. Located in Worcester and Marlborough, Massachusetts, Spectrum’s Recovery Support Centers will provide volunteer-driven, peer-to-peer support services for adults at varying stages of recovery, family members, friends, and members of the community who support recovery. “Peers” are individuals who have experienced addiction and recovery, either directly or as a family member or friend.

Members of the community and graduates of local substance abuse treatment programs will be recruited to serve as volunteers or members. Volunteering allows individuals to give back by helping others, and empowers them to create a safe and sober place that supports recovery, promotes wellness and addresses the needs and interests of the Recovery Center’s membership.

Volunteers may be involved in a number of ways, including recovery coaching, telephone support, event planning, community outreach and peer-led activities. Initially, staff may help drive the Center’s activities. Ultimately, the Recovery Center will be driven by volunteers and members, with support from Spectrum’s staff. The Recovery Centers will be open seven days a week, with morning, afternoon and evening hours to accommodate various schedules.

“We’re very excited about adding this important resource to our existing continuum of care,” said Laura Ames, chief operating officer. “Spectrum’s full range of services allows clients the ability to transition to less intensive levels of treatment and support as their recovery progresses. The Recovery Support Centers will serve a vital role in helping individuals sustain their recovery over the long-term.”

Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit substance abuse and mental health treatment provider. In addition to Massachusetts, Spectrum operates programs in Rhode Island, Georgia, Tennessee, Maine, Maryland and Iowa – serving 18,000 adults and at-risk youth each year.

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